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With strong roots in music, Dallas-based music producer Based TJ stayed true to his passion. Growing up in a musical family, TJ was influenced to pursue a career in production.
Scoring placements with viral Hip-hop stars Sahbabii and Playboi Carti, TJ stayed consistent and is making viral records one beat at a time. Pursuing placements with viral hit-makers and working with frequent collaborator Lil Paycheck, this young producer is just budding.

Based TJ began producing records in 2014 at only 14-years-old. He dabbled in music classes while maintaining his catalogue and defining his sound. The young musician also plays many instruments including the trombone, the drums, the guitar, the trumpet and the flute. In addition to his family’s musical influence, the multi-instrumentalist was influenced by the sounds of LA producer DJ U-Neek and Beats by the Pound. He followed in their footsteps experimenting with his Southern sound and creating music with lots of soul and emotion.

“I breath, eat and sleep music, as cliché as it sounds...putting all [my] creativity into it and people telling me they like it is crazy,” said Based TJ.

By 2016, he began to define his sound and collaborated with different producers. He worked closely with producer 6Silky and one record in particular started to gain traction. Soon, everyone he knew was bumping the track and it inspired TJ to keep creating more. Although he prefers to work alone, this collaboration taught him to remain consistent with his production.

Fast-forward to 2019, TJ is planning to release his first solo project, featuring production and vocals by himself. With credits from viral hits Purple Ape by Sahbabii and We So Proud of Him by Playboi Carti, TJ is putting in the work and accomplishing his goals. As a newcomer in the game, Based TJ strives to live out his dreams and to be remembered as the, “Epitome of a true artist.”

Credits Include: Playboi Carti, Sahbabii and Yung Bans