Hip-hop producer Ro is a real musician who’s building his exclusive sound from start to finish. His latest placement with YSL newcomer Gunna, showcases his talent to use his musical background to manipulate the sounds of live and digital instrumentation. This small town prodigy is working to bring his dynamic productions to the forefront of Hip-hop.

Ro grew up in the town of Tuscaloosa, Ala., where at only fourteen-years-old he began producing beats using Fruity Loops. Coming from a small city that has such little support for music, he persevered and put in the necessary work to break out as a music maker. Although Hip-hop is his base, Ro has many influences from other genres like R&B, Country and more. Hit producers such as Pharrell, Zaytoven and Honorable C Note have influenced him to perfect his craft through mastering musical instruments and production across various genres. The other half of the producing duo Ro & Smoke, Ro began working with Smoke at a young age. At first not liking each other, the two discovered their shared interest in beat production. Now years later, they’ve created their individual, yet unifying sound as they set out to be the next big producing duo in Hip-hop music and beyond. Chasing music since middle school, Ro has no plans of stopping before he reaches his dreams in the music business. He’s on his way to take-over the game with his talent for live instruments such as guitar, piano and orchestral bass.

Featured on one of the most anticipated mixtapes of 2017, Drip Season 2 by Gunna, Ro is only getting started. The single “Belly of the Beast” has received national recognition and has given Ro a head start in the industry. In addition to Gunna, Ro has collaborated with various artists from the Hip-hop capital such as Peewee Longway, La Scrilla and Hoodrich Pablo Juan. His latest collaboration with local Tuscaloosa artist, Lil Fuji is in the works and he has many more records to follow up his latest successes.

Ro’s set out to begin his journey through music by developing the best quality beats while also influencing the next generation. As an older sibling, Ro has become a role model and teacher of his craft to his younger brothers. On his way to greatness, he’s inspired by his family to continue down the road to success through the music industry, while leaving his mark in the places where it matters.


Dyamond Hudson, better known as Smoke is one member of the innovative producing duo known as Ro & Smoke. Featured on one of the hottest mixtapes of 2017, Drip Season 2 by Gunna, only gives a preview of what is to come for this young Southern producer. He always had a passion for music and has turned that passion into a career filled with endless possibilities of success. As a trap, but melodic-style producer, he has been perfecting his craft since the young age of 13-years-old when he was first introduced to the production software Fruity Loops.

A native of Tuscaloosa, Ala., Smoke has a Southern style approach to music, but with a trap-soul touch. With musical influences like Zaytoven, D. Rich and Londononthetrack, Smoke is able to build his music based on what he likes and what he hears. He’s worked with Hip-hop creators such as StrapDaFool, Mexico Rann, Gunna, Bezzle, Trey Spencer and more. With hopes of producing in every genre in the future, Smoke’s just beginning to build his empire. Smoke developed a production duo with producer Ro which has allowed him to explore his creativity and get inspiration from more than just outside sources. Smoke and Ro met at a young age and began collaborating after Smoke moved across the street from Ro, where they’d spend every day creating music in the back of Smoke’s father’s van. The creativity flowed from one producer to the other and now they’re the next big music creators to look out for.

Coming from a small town, making it in music is rare, but Smoke’s latest placements just gives a glimpse of what is yet to come for him. Inspired by Master P and Gucci Mane, Smoke discovered that there is no limit to what he can accomplish as long as he takes the risks necessary to do so. His biggest placement to date, “Phases” by Gunna of YSL Records, shows what results from him taking a small risk by getting his beats heard by the right people.

Smoke believes that the position he’s in is so extraordinary and he chooses to capitalize on this opportunity rather than let it pass him by. Always working and coming back and forth to the current Hip-hop capital, Atlanta, Smoke continues to grab inspiration from his hometown and abroad to develop his sound. Smoke’s continues to show Hip-hop that he is here stay and that he’s only just getting started.

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