Self-taught producer XL, is only beginning to make his mark in the Hip-hop and R&B market. At just 21-years-old and with just a few years in the game, he’s already receiving accolades from peers, fans and other aspiring producers. Native to Douglasville, Ga., XL’s music can be described as a mixture of melodic tunes with a Southern vibe and a touch of 808.

His first hit, “You”, a collaboration with his childhood best friend and R&B singer Oshea, put him in line as one of the next up. This record received over three million views on YouTube and crazy recognition from fans nationwide. Not only has he made an impact in the R&B world, but has made a splash in Hip-hop as well. In 2016, he started working with hit-makers including Future, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Young Dolph, K Camp and more.

In his biggest record to date “T-Shirt”, XL collaborated with producer duo Nard and B and Platinum-selling rap trio, Migos. XL is also no stranger to working with the best-known hit makers currently in the game, It’s no surprise to why he’s known as the “Beat God.” His newest collaboration with TK Kravitz and Sexton, “Space” released in April 2017 and hands down showed his diversity as a producer. His “go big or go home” mentality has lead him to work with top producers in the industry such as Zaytoven, DJ Spinz and MMG producer Beat Billionaire.

XL has received national recognition from his collaborative show on YouTube with producer duo Nard and B, “Trench Cook Up”. On the show, XL shows the process of building a beat from start to finish. “I always told myself I didn't want to limit myself to only one specific genre. I want to be the producer who can produce for any artist,” said XL. He’s constantly working to create various styles of unique beats to add to his collection. Although he’s known for his R&B and Hip-hop influenced beats, XL does not keep his production style in a box. His repertoire covers genres beyond the ones he’s best known for.

Heavily influence by Grammy-award winning producer, Rick Rubin, XL is on the path of success as well. With accolades coming from the fans to executives, to aspiring producers, he continues to work to reach the top spot. He explained, “A lot of upcoming producers contact me on my social media and tell me how much I inspire them…that definitely keeps me going. I love to inspire and motivate.”

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