Germany-based super producer Bobby Johnson got his start in Hip-hop after the 2014 hit, OG Bobby Johnson by Que. The record put a name to his sound and he has been soaring through Hip-hop ever since. With his colorful Hip-hop production, Johnson has landed placements with top-of-the-charts mainstream artists like Beyonce, Big Sean, Fall-Out-Boy and Hip-hop newcomer Lil Xan.

First introduced to Hip-hop and rap by Eminem and Limp Bizkit, Johnson used the influence of American and German music to create his unique sound. As a perfectionist, quality over quantity is how Johnson was able to land a placement on Beyonce’s 7/11 hit at such an early stage in his career. He listed his top four songs he’s produced as follows: OG Bobby Johnson by Que; Malice in Wonderland by Kill Stacy; 7/11 by Beyonce; Betrayed by Lil Xan; and an unreleased record with artist Burnkas.

Influenced by super producers Timbaland and The Neptunes, Bobby continued to lay down a foundation for the next generation. Discovering new talent is his specialty, being one of the first producers to create with Lil Xan, BIGBABYGUCCI, Max Wells, Kill Stacy and more! Bobby found value in developing talent from its early stages. “[Developing new talent] keeps your sound fresh, you have the chance to catch the interesting, beginning part in their careers.” This method has worked multiple times, landing Bobby on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart with Betrayed performed by Lil Xan.

With his investment in developing young artists and his drive to push to get more mainstream placements, Johnson’s production continues to grow exponentially. With opportunity only growing for this young German producer, he’s vowed to “try to make outstanding music, something that really grabs you... carries different energy and creates something unique.” It hasn’t been easy for this International producer, but his persistence and perfectionism in his production continues to carry his unique sound across the world.

Credits Include: Que, Tree, King Louie, Lil Xan, Big Sean, Kevin Gates, Beyoncé

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