YC, better known as Yung Coke, is soon to be making noise in this streets as he shares his

deep rooted passion for music with the hip hop world. This young producer fell in love

with music at an early age after receiving a toy keyboard for Christmas as a kid fascinated

by the sound of the notes.

He started DJ-ing at age 15 under the name Cocaine, while continuing to keep up with the

latest music and production styles. Creating sets on mixtapes, experimenting with his

sound, was just the beginning as he soon fell in love with the art of producing.

As he got older, Coke found refuge in making beats on a computer for the first time. He got

his first computer around the time when Zaytoven, one of his influences, began making hits

with Gucci Mane. “I used to try to make those styles of beats, but failed,” said Yung Coke.

Inspired by successful hit makers Metro Boomin, DJ Mustard, Lex Lugar, and DJ Spinz, YC

continues to perfect his craft. He describes his production as a distinctive, full and melodic

sound that flows all together.

Coke dropped out of high school to pursue music full time. Although it was risky, he

believed his decision would result in much greater rewards, which is beginning to prove

true as he’s been positioned in the right situations at the right time. Growing up in Athens,

Georgia, he realized that music was the answer for a better life coming from the rough

neighborhood he calls home.

Now 21-years-old, this fresh producer is ready to take his passion and talent to new

heights. Recently collaborating with producer Tarentino on Waka Flocka’s new single,

Workin’, YC’s steadily gaining recognition within the business. His placements so far can be

described as nothing other than having God on his side putting him exactly where he needs

to be. Signing his first production deal and getting to work, YC is sure to bring the heat

with a sound that hip hop needs.

Credits Include: Rick Ross, Juicy J, Waka Flaka Flame, O.T Genasis

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